Do I have to re-register?

All students are required to register prior to beginning lessons in the Fall semester. Students electing to enroll for the full year do not need to re-register in the Spring. Students registered only for the Fall semester must re-register for the Spring semester. All students must register separately for the Summer semester.

Can I register at any time, even after a semester has started?

Yes. Bloomingdale offers rolling admissions, which allows students to register at any time during the year.

Do I have to register for the entire semester?

The Fall and Spring semesters each consist of 17 total lessons. When you register, you are committing to the remainder of the lessons in the current semester. The exception is a Bloomingdale Season Ticket, which allows adult students to purchase six one-hour lessons per semester. Season Ticket lessons are scheduled directly between the student and faculty member.

Will my child learn how to play an instrument in an Early Childhood class?

Early childhood classes at Bloomingdale prepare students for group and private instrument study. In these classes students learn musical concepts such as tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch, and use specially designed children's percussion instruments. All the skills gained in Bloomingdale's early childhood classes will help young children have a successful and smooth transition into instrumental study.

During the semester my child will be old enough for the next level class. Which class should I register for?

Parents should register their children for the class that is age-appropriate at the beginning of the semester. If a baby who is 15 months in September outgrows Baby's and Toddler's First Music Class, for example, faculty members will recommend that the student switch into Music and Movement. However, since the age ranges of all Bloomingdale's early childhood classes are relatively small, children mature and develop together over the course of the semester and are generally well matched.

Is my child old enough to study privately?

The age to begin private study differs from child to child. Children who are four may be ready to begin with a teacher trained in Suzuki method - we have violin, cello, piano and flute teachers with that training. Many five year olds are ready to start private lessons. In any event, the earlier your child is exposed to music the better! Children in early childhood music classes have an easier time learning music later on.

Can I register for semi-private lessons?

Bloomingdale does not offer semi-private lessons since we believe that private lessons allow teachers to focus their approach on the learning goals of an individual student. Group lessons for the beginner are available on select instruments.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

In most cases, students need to have the instrument that they are studying in order to practice between lessons. Bloomingdale studios, all with pianos, are available free-of-charge for current students of the school, subject to availability.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Bloomingdale offers trial lessons for private instruction. Any student is welcome to take a trial lesson if he or she is unsure of committing to a particular instrument, or would like to consider different teachers before committing to a full semester of lessons. You can only take one trial lesson per teacher. To set a trial lesson up, please speak with someone at the registration office (212) 663-6021 or email: who can coordinate a teacher, time, and day. The cost for a 30-minute trial lesson is $25, and payment must be made in advance.

What if my child doesn't like his/her instrument?

In many cases, an alternate class or lesson can be arranged and will improve a child's learning experience. If it is necessary to withdraw from classes, a 75% refund will be given if withdrawal is within the first two lessons. No refunds will be given after two lessons.

Do we follow the public school vacation schedule?

Although Bloomingdale's schedule is set to roughly correspond to the public school schedule, there are differences in the calendars. Please check our calendar for a complete listing of Bloomingdale's closings.

What is Suzuki training and how is it different from regular lessons?

Suzuki training is a method that emphasizes ear training and parent involvement with students. Originating in Japan, the Suzuki method allows students to learn an instrument at an early age through the recognition of sounds and rhythms rather than focusing on note-reading skills. At Bloomingdale School of Music, lessons with Suzuki-trained faculty are available for violin, cello, piano and flute. Parents of Suzuki students are expected to sit in on lessons and assist in the instruction between lessons.

What instrument is best for a beginner?

While there is no definite answer to this question, some instruments do have certain physical requirements. Piano and string instruments are good choices for younger children. Children ages 10 and up can begin lessons on most instruments.

Do I have to audition?

Auditions are never required for regular study at Bloomingdale School of Music. We believe that all people have musical ability and our doors are open to all who wish to study here.