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Introduction to Dalcroze Ages 2,3

Introduction to Dalcroze Ages 3,4

Dalcroze Eurhythmics Ages 4,5

Children's Classes

Keyboard for Children

Guitar for Children

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Carnival of the Instruments

Pictures at a Music School

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Piano for Absolute and Utter Beginners

Guitar for Absolute and Utter Beginners

Ukulele for Absolute and Utter Beginners

Violin for Absolute and Utter Beginners

Dalcroze for Adults


Summers at Bloomingdale allow students to customize a program to suit their individual goals and schedules. Returning students benefit from continuous lessons without a long three-month gap between the end of the spring semester and start of the fall term. New students can freely explore instrumental study without committing to a full-length 17-week semester as in the fall and spring.


Flexible scheduling. Going away for two weeks in the middle of the summer? Staying in NYC in July but away in August? No problem—Bloomingdale's registration staff can work with you to customize a schedule that leaves you flexibility to travel in the summer months. You don't have to choose between starting or continuing music lessons and going away—students can register for as few as four lessons and as many as eight.

Music discovery in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The summer semester is the ideal opportunity for you to explore a new or second instrument, perfect a challenging piece, or expand your musical language through jazz or rock studies. Bloomingdale faculty members will structure lessons to your summer musical aspirations.

Whatever your goal is for summer music study, Bloomingdale will work to meet your needs. We look forward to providing you with an enriching and creatively stimulating summer musical experience.


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