There is music in everyone. Access to all of our programs is regardless of the personal or financial circumstances of any student.


All students deserve to be taught by the finest teaching artists available. All concerts should be at the highest level of achievement they can possibly be. In all of our teaching and performing activities, Bloomingdale School of Music seeks the highest level of excellence.


We highly value teaching artists and are committed to support them and the great gifts they bring to our community in any way possible.


Bloomingdale School of Music is a musical community—a group of people as diverse as the City of New York—with a shared special interest in music. We believe that, as members of a community, we should encourage and support each other and the musical activity within the school and the city beyond.

Creativity and Innovation

We support the creative process and encourage innovation in program activities at all levels.


Music is a performing art and we believe that students at all levels should be encouraged to play music for others.

Challenge and Support

We believe that every student should be challenged to hold the highest standards and to do the best work he or she possibly can. We also believe that students should be encouraged and supported regardless of their level of ability or achievement.

Music Literacy

Reading music is a fundamental part of learning music at all levels. We believe that knowledge of the elements of music theory—notation, scales, keys, intervals, and basic harmony—is essential to a music education.

Family Support

We believe that parental and family support and involvement in our students' music education will provide the best results for both young people and adults.

Practice and Commitment

We believe daily practice is vital to learning a musical instrument. Learning music is a process that takes time and the more consistent the effort over time, the better the results will be.

Playing Music Together

We believe that making music with other people is the best way to realize its full potential as a social and artistic endeavor.