We believe music is for everyone.We work with students to surmount financial constraints or personal obstacles.We provide a variety of ways to perform, learn, and experience music, in a vast array of styles, including classical, jazz, rock, and world music.

Expression and Connection

We believe music reflects our humanity and our complexity.Through music, all students have the potential to enhance their personal confidence, community responsibility, discipline, kindness, self-possession, and humility. In addition, it provides a joyful mode of expression and exchange; it assists in social, personal, and cognitive development; it allows students to accept “delayed gratification” and the deeper rewards that come when putting in sustained work over time; and it fosters a strong work ethic. It is a means of expression and connection, of comfort and understanding, and of renewal and inspiration.


We strive for the highest level of achievement in our education, teaching and performance endeavors.We match students with the finest teaching artists available who will shape their lessons to meet the individual drive, talent, and passion of each person.We seek excellence in artistry, education, communication, and exchange. While we work towards top caliber musical results, we are equally focused on the excellence of our process.We want to shape a collective journey where the humanity, individuality, and creative exploration of our students, is prioritized.


We welcome all people into our musical world.We celebrate the connections music brings to our community, both within BSM and in our neighborhood at large.We hold our teachers and our students in high esteem, and we regard each person’s musical potential with the utmost respect.

Creativity and Innovation

We support the creative process and encourage innovation in program activities at all levels.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are as diverse as the City of NewYork.We create an environment of multiple voices,where each member is inspired to be their best self, any person feels safe in this self-expression, and every participant is valued for their individual perspective.A community that unites all ages, classes, and cultures, BSM finds common purpose through the language of music.