Beginning or returning to the study of music is an excellent idea for adults of any age. Many times people begin the study of music in their youth and, for a variety of reasons, discontinue, perhaps when they went to college, or after they graduated. There are also many people who have deferred learning to play an instrument to pursue a career or to raise a family and now have the time for music study.

Prospective adult students often say, "I have no prior knowledge, can one of your teachers work with me?" At Bloomingdale, adult study is customized for each student. Our teachers are here to guide you through the learning process, whether you are a complete beginner or rekindling a childhood passion.

Is your schedule complicated? We can schedule a lesson during the week from early afternoon until 9:00 p.m. We can also schedule lessons on Saturday or Sunday, if that is convenient. Are you too busy to make a long-term commitment? Our special Season Ticket program allows you to buy blocks of six lessons, which can be spread over six weeks or an entire semester.

Would you rather not take lessons and, instead, just play music with other players of your ability level? If you have some previous experience, our chamber music program is perfect for you.

Music is a lifelong pursuit!