Sara Sherman  piano

Sara Sherman

"Students are a puzzle and each lesson is an adventure to figuring out how to help put the pieces together."

Like quite a few other BSM faculty members, Sara Sherman began playing piano because of an older sibling. “My sister took lessons and I had to do everything she did. After her lessons I used to sneak into the room and play what I heard her do during lessons. Eventually, I took lessons too and have played several other instruments as well, but piano has always been for me. I like having the endless possibilities of an orchestra at my fingertips.” Sara grew up throughout the tri-state area ultimately settling in New York for graduate school. “I fell in love with the city and its music and decided to stay.”

“Students are a puzzle and each lesson is an adventure to figuring out how to help put the pieces together,” says Sara of her approach to teaching. She focuses on each individual students learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. “I also believe in trying to help the students develop an intrinsic motivation and love for the music and instrument through creativity and exploration.” Sara works with students of all ages. She enjoys teaching children as young as four or five through adult.

Sara’s own tastes are varied. She tends to favor late romantic and early 20th century music, particularly Brahms, Scriabin, and Copland. She is also an active klezmer musician. As a performer Sara “loves the challenge of playing an unknown or lesser played work. There are so many gems that aren’t performed often.” Sara is proud to be a co-founder of Project 60/40, a group that includes piano, harp, violins, and double-bass. This ensemble works with composers and arrangers “since there is no music composed for our instrumentation. We play everything from arrangements of Bach or Rachmaninoff to gypsy tunes, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson! Its been an adventure. Our purpose is to combine different genres of music in one concert so people can find enjoyment in all types of music.”

In her free time Sara enjoys yoga, reading, and running. But music is the most important element of her life. “I perform, I teach, I learn. Each day of my musical life has been an adventure. I’m excited to keep discovering the endless possibilities music brings into my life.”