Lindsey Castellano  violin and viola

Lindsey Castellano

"I individualize my method for each of my students depending on their skill, level, goals, and personality. I create an accessible but challenging curriculum for each of my students that will progress their education and inspire them."

Lindsey Castellano is from Scranton, Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a doctorate at Columbia University's Teachers College. She began playing the violin at age six. “I fell in love with the violin the first time I saw one in person during a music class in kindergarten”.

Lindsey enjoys playing various composers and musical styles. “My favorite composers are Saint-Saens, Sarasate, Beethoven, and Gershwin. I enjoy playing all genres of music including classical, jazz, bluegrass, and contemporary music. As a performer, I immensely enjoy performing music from the Romantic period. My favorite type of performance is to play in a chamber setting. I enjoy the intricate collaboration and trust required to perform a chamber work. I believe chamber settings allow for immense growth as a musician and can be deeply motivating”.

Lindsey has devoted much of her career to education. “I have been deeply influenced by my previous teachers as well as peers and colleagues, who challenge me to expand and extend my skills beyond what I could have imagined. I am influenced by people, who despite hardships, continue to smile and make the world brighter. Itzhak Perlman has been a major musical influence and inspiration for me not only for his incredibly passionate playing but also for his work ethic, passion, and loving attitude”.

Lindsey is currently working with the Partnership for the Homeless in Brooklyn where she instructs and directs a music program for families with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and learning styles. Lindsey also enjoys photography, writing, composing, biking, and hiking.