Julia Den Boer  piano

Julia Den Boer

"I try to give my students a real understanding of music, because that is something they can keep all their lives even if they don't become professional musicians!"

Pianist Julia Den Boer was born in Lyon, France. She moved to the United States for her studies, then to Montreal, Canada, for her undergraduate degree and back to New York for her masters and doctorate in music.

She started playing the piano when she was seven years old. “My father played and I really enjoyed listening to him as a child. I remember being totally transported by the music. Then I wanted to try it too.”

Julia’s approach to teaching is to give students a real understanding of music. “That is something they can keep all their lives, even if they don’t become professional musicians.” She aims to give a complete approach to the piano, including sight reading and musicianship.

Julia enjoys teaching students of all ages. With younger students, she incorporates games and activities into the lessons. “I want them to discover the keyboard, develop their awareness of the sounds they produce, and help them discover how to express themselves musically.”

As a performer, Julia specializes in contemporary classical music. “I consider it my mission to make my audiences aware of music being written today. She particularly enjoys playing collaboratively with other musicians.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking French food, exercising, and walking around New York. She also likes to practice. “I rarely get tired of the piano.”