Bloomingdale School of Music Sharing Hours are informal recitals that are open to students of all ages and levels of ability. Please contact your teacher about signing up!
*denotes accompanist available

Fall 2018 Sharing Hours

Thursday November 1 7:00pm
Saturday November 10 3:00pm*
Saturday December 8 3:00pm*
Sunday December 9 3:00pm
Tuesday December 18 7:00pm*
Saturday January 12 2:00pm*
Saturday January 12 3:30pm*
Monday January 14 7:00pm
Thursday January 24 7:00pm

Adult Sharing Hour

Thursday December 6 7:00pm

Jazz Priority Sharing Hour

Thursday January 10 7:00pm

Spring 2019 Sharing Hours

Monday March 11 7:00pm
Saturday April 6 3:00pm
Thursday April 18 7:00pm
Thursday May 2 7:00pm
Saturday May 11 2:00pm*
Tuesday May 21 7:00pm*
Sunday June 16 1:30pm*
Monday June 17 7:00pm

Jazz Priority Sharing Hour

Thursday June 6 7:00pm

Adult Priority Sharing Hour

Monday June 10 7:00pm*

Senior Night

Thursday June 13 7:00pm*